Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tuning up my soul.

Last night I poured a glass of Ardbeg and settled in to re-read A Rough Shooting Dog (ISBN: 0385479921), by Charles Fergus. It's a really nice story about the first year hunting with a springer spaniel.

I'm thinking about how the local WMA, McKee-Beshers, is going to look to me with a dog at my side. I'm reading some web posts about how to take full advantage the Potomac during the watefowl season.

It's a bit premature, but I'm getting excited about rediscovering my neighborhood.

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KGT said...

Josh, I am really happy for you.

Rounded up your loaner books last night. Headin' your way.

I'll never forget my first shot at a duck, a wood duck, in McKee-Beshers, with you. And all those beautiful mornings paddling the Potomac... though futile in terms of bag limits, it was a start. As years pass, I find myself growing nostalgic about the Potomac, and the Chesapeake Bay hunts.

I do hope you'll have a hunting renaissance, and a rejoinder to the cries of your soul.