Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Black Lake Armada

Pete's PT Boat

Black Lake Armada in the Narrows

Eric's Destroyer

Keith's Scow


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that last one isn't "Keith's Scowl" as the SS Minnow got towed back to camp?

heh heh

KGT said...

Where was YOUR boat Mr. Annonymous?

Anonymous said...

yeah, well....


Mr. Bill said...

... one could argue that the most important feature of a duck boat is that it gets you there in time to get the ducks. I know I was in the right boat on that fateful Sunday

Mr. Bill

Ernie said...

Little Bill,
If you were in such a good boat why haven't I read about your exloits here yet? I here rumors that you may have a name change pending based on a review of your black lake exploits, is that true?

Jim Tantillo said...

careful, Ernie, the kite killer is now a published novelist. So it may be hard for him to separate fact from fiction.