Monday, October 23, 2006

Here's Cagey Without Spinelli Backup

You Count the Number of Non-Lethal Shots

What can I say? if Cagey had Spinelli for backup, that black duck would be dead by now.


Ernie said...

Did I miss something? I thought that Keith and Fiona went out and got the elusive Black or was there another one o Mondays hunt that I haven't heard about yet?

KGT said...

Naw, you didn't miss anything. The bird was dispatched and brought to hand rather anti-climatically, although it must certainly have made an impression on Greedy T...probably the instant hustle and decisiveness demonstrated boggled him.


Ernie said...

I see, so that must have been the only bird that greedy didn't shoot at and claim a kill on that day. I guess that was while I was gone getting the new battery and no one was next to him to alert him to the fact there was a bird flying through the deeks.

Vassili Zaitsev said...

Ernie, astute readers of your post (which was excellent by the way!!) (brown nose brown nose) will immediately pick up on the obvious fact that three otherwise "fine shots" (i.e., you, Mike O, and Robert T) were, in Spinelli's absence, only able to scratch down a grand total of two, count 'em TWO, ducks during the entire afternoon hunt on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, however, the math changed dramatically once Spinelli was on the scene.

You do the math.

KGT said...

Hey, I wasn't there Sat, but was there Sun...that would be a confounding variable in your theory, eh Jim, especially since you and I had the only SOLO KILLS that fateful day (yours admittedly slightly cleaner and more rewarding due to the band, but birds in bag with one shooter nonetheless)