Sunday, October 01, 2006

Local opener report

Well, Katie and I got out for an hour right at the end of the day today for the grouse opener. Kind of weird weather all afternoon--rain showers off and on. Temp was 58 deg F, and it was actually pretty humid given the rain. I'm sporting a new blaze orange Filson cap this year. We were in a brushy pasture by 5:00 and hunted until 6 or so. Katie pointed two woodcock, one of which held so tight in front of her I could see it on the ground as I walked in to flush it. Pretty cool. No grouse were flushed, but we weren't exactly hunting hard for them in a spot where I'd say they ought to be (although I've flushed grouse in this pasture and have actually killed one here a couple of years ago).

It won't be long now. Woodcock opens Friday.

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Yeoman said...

My son and I went out for the blue grouse opener. He's eight, so I took my side by side .410, and we shared it. We got three. Due to work, I missed sage grouse season entirely.

I did get out for the duck opener, however. The family was out of town, so it was just me. Had some great pothole pass shooting.

As a total aside, I could use some opinions on various non toxic shots, if somebody would be kind enough to start a thread on it.