Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reward for Information Offered

Missing from Camp: Have You Seen this Syrup?

REWARD: $5 or a six pack of your favorite beer for information leading to the identification of the felonious syrup grabbing duck hunter who absconded with roughly 1/2 pint of maple syrup from the Lakewood Cabin near Black Lake, NY, on or about the afternoon of October 7, 2006. Suspects were seen driving away from the vicinity in a tan colored Ford pickup with out of state plates. Please contact the blog administrator with any and all information. Leads will be kept strictly confidential; the culprit(s) will be fingered publicly and humiliated accordingly.


A CT Yankee said...

That "Northern Comfort" has a long history of walking out of deer camps, hunting lodges and etc.

reminds me of a Canadian Haiku...

Who took the syrup?
My pan-a-cakes are naked
Give it back now -eh?!

Anonymous said...

I spotted a sticky trail leading through the hills of central PA within 8 hrs of the first report of the heist in northern NY. Maple syrup is highly prized in PA, where the oak reigns supreme and the sugar maple cowers.

Me a Culpa

Jim Tantillo said...

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 07:58:31 -0400
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Hi Jim,
Congratulations! You're in. I published your submission as haiku of the day. You can find it here: Beer Haiku Daily


On 10/11/06, Jim Tantillo wrote:

Subject: reward for information

maple syrup gone!
reward for information -
six pack of beer

(This one might be a bit obscure.) One of our members at duck camp took home a pint of maple syrup when he should have left it for the rest of us. Gory details at grousers

Captain Hops