Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If this is your first night at Beer Club, you HAVE to fight...

Things that make you go "HMMMMM...."

Remember Fight Club? Great flick.

Occasionally, flattery comes Cagey's way, like "Keith is once again pointing the way to the happy hunting grounds ..." or "there were 5 hunters 2 of which, Mike O and Mr. Tidball, are extremely good shots by anyone's judgment" or even "Congratulations to the entire Tidball family for their hard work and dedication to future wildlife that will be the result of this project. Without the help and blessings from each of you this would never have happened." Makes a guy's head swell, make's a guy feel allright about himself, part of something... but that is a temporary sensation at the august hunting institution known as BC Hunt Club. Here, getting a swelled head is a prelude to a swift kick somewhere sensitive...and you may find yourself saying "why am I here?" Welcome to Beer Club (enter Fight Club sound track)

I took some time to be introspective, and as a I lay listening to geese overhead from my bed instead of from a field Sunday AM, to shots ringing out and reputations being remade and ruined in everchanging seconds, I realized the inevitability of ego. I wanted the bottom of it all, two questions answered.

Why do I hunt?

Why am I a member of BC? (this question is more like , why do the members of BC include me...)

I will get back to you on the first question...here are my thoughts so far on the second...

Is it this?

Or this... ?

Or this...?

Well, now...it seems that I am mistaken. Fiona is the member, I am just her tolerated guest. So, I got THAT going for me.

Yes, Cagey was called out... given the BC "biznis." I got the message.

Fiona want's to know when she should allow me back to BC.




Ernie said...

Wow Cabin Boy you realy had me going there! Right up until the last couple of line's I thought this was a post from the criticaster! et to brutus with the whining? Want some cheese with that wine, oh I forgot you had some last week alog with your beer at camp. As I rcall you were the one that called me last night to find out how the weekend went. I don't recall pileing on with comments that were duragatory. I guess I am only as good as my last a-- kissing in your world. See you around the campfire Friday! Oh ya Fiona is welcome anytime!

Eric said...

I have to agree with Ernie on this one I would have bet anything that was the beginning of a Tantillo post. Great picture of Fiona.

Vassili Zaitsev said...

nice post. While it resembled Tantillo's work, I knew it was all yours.

BEAUTIFUL picture of Fiona. Just goes to show, Spinelli backup is a wonderful thing....