Thursday, November 02, 2006

Snow in the forecast?

Once again this is what all of the well traveled goose hunters will be using to get to the birds this season. Load em up and head out no matter how much snow is on the ground. We just may upgrade to a green machine this year for ease of hiding in the hedgrow. As you can see Keith is once again pointing the way to the happy hunting grounds while JT is listening intently. BC Hunt club is a bit concerned about our Mr. JT though. Some fear that when he comes that he will be humming songs and reciting poetry now that he is the Director of Operations at the soon to be infamous Ithaca Theater of the Performing Arts. I suppose he will be showing up late as well due to having to hang around after the evenings performance with the muckey mucks sipping fine wine and making up new 20 letter words that only the wealthiest of socialites would understand. As for me I will be at Beer Camp early in the morning with my good buddy Big Jim uttering some of the simpler 4 letter words and awaiting the arrival of my hunting buddies. The call is for snow but I doubt we'll be needing the Limo this weekend to get to the field. Enjoy the opening of another goose season this weekend and as always be safe out there!


KGT said...

Are you thinking dozer pile or further afield?

Vassili Zaitsev said...

there's likely to be some left over brie and champagne from the upcoming Saturday night smorgasboard ... you want me to bring some to Sunday morning BC, just set out the tea ware.


or make that, the Theater Criticaster

Ernie said...

I was thinking about the dozer pile only because Jim has limited mobility and duration. If he gets cold I can get him back to the house easily. Can't let him catch a cold or Judy will have my b--ls hanging.

Ernie said...

From a safety standpoint I think the champagne should be left until after the morning hunt, wouldn't want a hunting accident on your "Ethics of hunting" resume.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ernie for getting us past the picture of the ducky pants. Is that Richie Feller, aka the Vicar, in the photo -- the guy in light colored camo with a sawed off beard? Don't hear much from him anymore... which I suppose is okay as I still owe him sipping beverage after last hockey season, Cheese-head Nation being victorious.
- Path Walker