Thursday, November 16, 2006

Introducing B.C Hunt Clubs newest member

This is Nick my 2 yr old Lab. This past sunday we were invited on a goose hunt with the B.C. hunt club on Brent Murray's Farm. We had a Great hunt taking 9 geese by my definition although according to Keith we have to count misses that would put the total ALOT higher.Nick performed great on the hunt retrieving all 9 birds and 4 of them which glided down over 100 yds away.This saved the B.C. boys alot of unwanted exercise chasing those half dead geese and therefore earned Nick a membership in the Prestigous B.C. hunt club.Nick was quite honored and I hope he will bring me with him on his future visits to B.C. hunt club.In case you are wondering why the photo is not of geese we did not have camera with us.This is a photo of 2006 duck opener Nick made 18 great retrieves this hunt took place somewhere in Canoga but if I told you where I would have to kill you.I will try to keep you up on Nick and my adventures and Nick thanks the guys at B.C. for the hunt and the membership

See You In the Blind


KGT said...

Congrats to Nick on his membership! Great photo.

Jim Tantillo said...

Eric, awesome photo. And good idea not to release the GPS coordinates of your honey hole ... certain Pennsylvania-based, syrup grabbing dirt doctors have been known to do illicit sneaks on farm pond ducks. Best not to let that info fall into the wrong hands.

Ernie said...

Both you and Nick are welcome to grace the campfires of BC Hunt Club at any time and are welcome members of the gang. In fact I think that sometimes the 4 legged members are the least troublsome and less likely to rub other members noses into the method of the "Take".