Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ducks and geese by the numbers... 3rd installment

After a few days off to catch up on work, Eric and I spent some time scouting and rounded up the Team Terminator Goose Rig. The last two days of the season needed to be special, and with the iced up lakes and very cold temps, no hunt was going to be a "gimme." We settled on one of the Lott fields that had a mix of beans and corn in strips. This field was quite large, and had piles of tree trunks in it here and there where hedge rows had recently been torn out (see photo to left). We used these and the 6-8 inches of snow to our advantage as we set the ambush. As usual, we limited the number of hunters to minimize concealment problems and maximize joy. George and Dave were with us both days, and Bob joined the last day.

On Saturday, we had four hunters and four limits, 12 Canada geese for the smoker. On Sunday, the final day, which was clearer and less windy, we managed 5 geese in the bag, capitalizing on every opportunity, though few and far between. All in all, the second half was an exceptionally good season for geese and ducks, considering the frozen lake. If you were willing to scout, be mobile, and work at it, the rewards were there to be earned. Better than gold medals or bronze stars, we earned mercury traces, which we will wear proudly, boldly, inevitably. Thanks to Dave for taking pictures.

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