Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Path Walker's in the 'hood

Had the pleasure of hosting a surprise drop-in breakfast visit from the Path Walker this morning. He had just dropped his kids off at daycare and was "in the neighborhood." (jeezum, Hector sure seems smaller these days.)

Anyway, we feasted on oatmeal and maple venison sausage (courtesy a la Tidball '08) and discoursed upon subjects varied and far-ranging, including the weather, goose decoys, yearling setters, deer loads, diesel trucks, RGS habitat planning, Canoga tribal politics, late-season wood ducks, snow tires, real estate values, whoa barrels, the efficacy of goose pits over other modes of camouflage . . . as I said, subjects varied and far-ranging.

At any rate, it's great to welcome Mr. Weik back to the Ithaca area, and I'm sure we're ALL looking forward to the miracles he is going to work when it comes to increasing grouse and woodcock populations in New York State.

Path Walker, far right
(Safari, when are you moving to Ithaca?)


Vicar(ious) said...

Are you singing the praises of the Lansing School District?

I'm just sayin...

Path Walker said...

not a bad breakfast over t' Tantillos. We should meet there at least one morning a week.
You know, when I got here Monday morning I didn't see a single grouse. Not a one. But since then, oh my word, the damtings are explodin!!
And I expect to make similar observations wherever I go.