Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, just back from the last goose hunt of the year. All in all, an excellent late season was had by all. Ernie and company proved to be terrific hosts as always, and we broke in a new B.C. Hunt Club member as the Path Walker put in an appearance on Friday at the Dozer Pile.

Nine of us that day slew fifteen geese, and then I think I can say I speak for all grousers that we were honored to be present when Ernie called us together to celebrate the life of Big Jim. I also don't think I was alone in fighting back tears as Ernie spread Jim's ashes on the pile (along with some toe warmers).

Anyway. My thanks to Ernie and Mike for making it all possible. In Dozer Pile We Trust.

Friends do things together
La, La, La, La


Path Walker said...

Well said, James. Thank you BCHC guys for a great goose outing (that day WAS my goose season). My boys were exhuberant with the gaggle of gift geese I brought home, and even after explaining that the large majority of the birds were downed by other hunters, Nolan put a hand on my shoulder as he looked smilingly at the pile of feathered meat and said "Daddy, your a wonderful man" -- now that's what I call a results oriented kid! Almost got back up with the kids Sunday for the post-season-closing BS session in the garage (the boys wanted to play with dead geese and share a thermos of cocoa with the BC brethren), but we were running late so instead we went to Watkins Glen to buy the kids some half price famously branded clothes and play in the park next to the 100s/1000s of Seneca Lake geese (and I had to explain numerous times that we couldn't shoot them because we didn't have a retriever with us...). Came home to a crockpot of goose legs & wing stew for supper -- tasty.

Vicar(ious) said...

I always suspected that Big Jim loved Flight of the Conchords. Thanks all, for a great season, and in particular to Ernie for the cheap beer and fancy meatlocker outfit.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Nice post Jim.

My thanks to Ernie and Mike too, for being so welcoming of me and my friends from the very beginning (2002). The family grows...

RIP Big Jim