Friday, June 24, 2011

Tori scores in the Brook trout department

Father's day outing
Adirondack brook trout bliss
bobbers, worms, and smiles

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rod Serling's take on a man's best friend - Parts 1 and 2

A few years back I was watching a Twilight Zone episode, and was moved to tears. For whatever reason, today I remembered the episode (recent grouse camp discussion?).

Here's part one:

And part two:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quebec Fishing- EPIC!

I spent some time with Kuneytown Sportsmen's Club members and friends, on a recent fishing trip in the northern reaches of Quebec, in the Reservoir Gouin area. It was epic. Seven fisherman caught over 700 walleyes in 4 days of fishing. Many blue walleye were caught, in addition to the much more common yellow walleyes and a handful of pike. Lots more pics here.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Charlotte's First Brookie

On a recent May trip to the ADKs for brookies and turkeys, my youngest, Charlotte, nailed her first brookie, casting a Mepps Aglia from a canoe on Black Pond near Paul Smiths. She was thrilled; daddy couldn't have been more proud.

The annual May 'Daks trip usually yields pretty good catches of trout, but with the heavy winter and crazy spring flooding, the creel was lighter this year. We did catch some very nice fish in the North Branch of the Mooser River Drainage, and of course, I caught a few on Black Pond, as is to be expected there.

The turkeys wouldn't cooperate, though I did voice-call a nice Tom away from two hens with Mo and the girls with me, to 10 yards...but it was after noon. He was SOOOO dead, at least in all of our imaginations. It was cute to hear Charlotte and Victoria whisper "bang" every time he stuck out his neck and gobbled thunderously. Next time.