Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye

It's always difficult saying goodbye, but it was time to say goodbye to Meg.  She was one month shy of turning 16!  She had a good life, but with her age and congestive heart failure, she was a bloated skeleton of herself and was only kept going with a cocktail of drugs.  And, even the cocktail wasn't really working anymore.  She no longer had a quality of life.  It was a heart wrenching decision, but the right one.

Lots of tears were shed!  She was a good pup, and will be missed and remembered.  I'm certain she's now running and playing with her old playmates (Sage, Willie, and Thor).

Rest In Peace Sweet Meg!!  May 22, 1998 - April 21, 2014



Anonymous said...

Never an easy decision, but it sure sounds like the right one. 16! That is a lot of good memories. TK

Jim Tantillo said...

Jim, awfully sorry to hear this. She was a great, sweet dog. I have fond memories of those grouse camp trips. anyway, condolences,

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Condolences, Jim! She sure was fun to hunt over.

Path Walker said...

Jim, I'm sorry to read of your loss of sweet little Meg. It's always tough. What a good long run she had, and the birds of Michigan will breath a sigh of relief.
Your mention of your Maine dogs -- Sage and Willie -- brought back so many more memories. Big parts of our lives.

Safari Jim said...

Thanks all! We've all been down this road gents, and not one we care to go down very often. Hoping we can all get together soon, toast the ones we've lost recently, and create some new memories. Hanks up for it! Skipping TWS this fall, so Hank and I can chase more birds. Who's joining us?